Gallantly knocking

Just to be clear, THIS IS NOT MY GALANT VR4. This is the car that I helped convince @tsiss350 to buy, well to be clear he didn’t need much coaching. This car had major work done to it by the previous owner, who is a great guy and we’re totally friends with him. So it sucks when stuff like this happens. This gem of a car, saved from perhaps certain death by part out, but it has a bad ticker.


See that little sliver of bearing on the #4 rod, this thing started rapping like Kanye. Bummer man.

I’ve seen worse, but whatever it happened. Time for a new (used) short block, that we will carefully check the oil gaps on. The damaged short block will be removed and rebuilt with a special project in mind... so all is not lost.


Already have every thing loose, just waiting on some parts. While I hate seeing my best friend spend extra money he didn’t want to, I do really enjoy this type of work. I hate when ole rod comes knocking.

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