Gambler 500 Update and a Barn Find

I was confident that I’d be Gambler ready by Wednesday. But life doesn’t work that way. In fact, the reason I’ll be scrambling to get finished is such a “me” kind of problem...

For the first time ever, I wouldn’t be scrambling. I mean, the little scoot does not currently need much. It only needs tyres (tyres + valves + spoons ($85-ish)), a clutch pulley bearing (just replace the whole clutch ($28)), a new brake light housing ($8-ish) and a license plate ($160-ish).

Unfortunately for me, some bloke in California has once again stolen my debit card number. Thankfully Chase Bank is more intelligent than Bank of America and every one of his purchases (and there are many) have thus far have been denied. Doubly unfortunately for me, the algorithm that’s catching him is also flagging many of my own purchases, thus making buying things a game of roulette.


I have two theories as to why this is happening:

1) One (if not all) of my mum’s computers has a keylogger installed. I will never again give her my number or buy things while I’m using her machines.

2) One of the petrol stations I’ve been to recently had a hacked pump.

Of those, I think #2 is the more likely possibility. The last time I bought anything using my mum’s PC was several months ago and I gave her my card over the phone phone to for something several months ago. However, only a week or two ago I found myself at a petrol station that had a pump that read my card but wouldn’t let me pump petrol. It would read my card then the screen would freeze.


Aaaaanyway, I have to get this card trashed and another shipped out.

Meanwhile, this popped up on my Facebook Marketplace feed and I’m having a crisis.


It’s a barn find CB125S with 4k miles for $775. It has original everything (even license plate), title, and it runs.


It would totally further scratch my UJM itch and my Grom itch, but I really really wanted my next old bike to be a two-stroke.


Gah, it’s so beautiful though. So far as I can see from the photos, the paint is dull and there is some extremely light surface rust around the edges. But look at it!

I very nearly took off work and went to the nearest U-Haul dealer, however I’m doing the adult thing and not doing that. lol


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