Kinja on Android doesn’t seem to understand how 24 hour clocks work. 12:15 on a 24 clock means 12:15 pm, not 12:15 am (as in I didn’t choose 00:15). Ugh, but I digress..

I started it up this morning and it fired without starting fluid and not even a full second on the starter. After adjusting the idle on the new carb we should be ready to run!

I’ll definitely need to replace the taillight housing, handlebars, tyres, and whatever bearing’s gone bad in the back before we’ll be truly road ready.

Well, my biggest obstacle has been taken care of. On Tuesday night I got the scooter running, however it wouldn’t run at low throttle without dying. If you tried to coast or let off the throttle? Dead.

I had a feeling that the scoot sitting for a year (two years if the license plate is to be believed) probably messed up the carb. So I did what any responsible villain would do, overnight one from Amazon


Sure enough, after a carb swap and a half-arsed spraying of starting fluid into the air box, it fired right up!

Took on a 30 minute test ride and everything seems fine. Now the next things I need to fix are the comically bad tyres and the loose handlebars. In the meantime, I’ve already started doing my “Cafe adventure racer” mods...






The idea for this one will be to fix the rust and restore the paint, then add accents and a repainted, reshaped front fender, then black wheels and a Cafe Racer seat. I’ll then drop the bars and the huge mirrors. On the adventure side there will be a 5 gal jerry can and LED spotlights. And I’ll throw in RGB because screw you, that’s why.