The most vital parts are ready to go but...OOOH WHAT IS THAT!??!?

My new tyres arrived in the mail. Due to my banking mishap I couldn’t get the knobbies I wanted. So instead I just got tyres larger than stock.


I learned that the front tube didn’t burst during my test ride, it was instead the dry rotted valve stems. Either way, I broke off the other stem then rode around on the flat tyres to break the bead. These will likely be installed Friday night when I have better access to tools.

I’ve tuned the carb and it’s running pretty well for having a 2 year old petrol/new petrol/seafoam mix.

I found out that the handlebars just needed tightening. They feel fine now.

I then set about installing the spotlights. I decided to mount them low and they also double as a mount for the petrol tank, too!


I took off work tomorrow to try to fix a few final issues:

1) Drive belt inspection.

2) Getting the scoot licensed.

3) Location of the source of the grinding noise.

Otherwise we’re ready to Gamble!

Meanwhile, I so want to make this RD200 a winter project.


Ugggh, 2 stroke, good condition, turns over, with compression too. And it’s sooo cheap!

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