At this point the major things have been taken care of. The brakes work, and the engine runs (well, starts anyway). The windshield and radiator are in the post. But all the little stuff still needs to be taken care of.

The tail lights and brake lights were not working, but after testing with the multimeter, we did find the circuit is complete. The bulb holders are really, really filthy (filled with dirt and spiders). Some of the bulbs are burnt out, so easy fix, cleaning and replacing small bits.


Battery and battery tie down still needed. Brakes and clutch cylinders need to be flushed and bled. Car needs to be insured and registered (going with antique plates to save time/hassle).

And I have to be on the road on Friday, because I didn’t know registration closes at 11pm on Friday...

I’m actually feeling optimistic, because everything I’m seeing points to the car having been well maintained before it was left to sit in a field for 8 years. I took a rocker cover off, and the rockers and inside of the cover were clean and free of carbon, The engine seems to be in good shape. When I replaced the brake hoses, the calipers too looked clean and in good shape. It was probably a pretty nice car before being let to rot and get shot at by rednecks.

Got new fuel hoses in the engine compartment, new fuel pump, new filter. New carb gaskets. New brake hoses and pads. New tires, and soon new bulbs and headlights, Replacement radiator and windshield. I do not plan on doing any lunatic driving, because I want the car to survive and be properly built into a Baja style car, so I should hopefully be driving it home. Worst case, I have to rent a uhaul auto hauler and drag it home.

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