Okay so I'm creating this game out of selfish desire to see what interesting things yee Oppo can come up with.

Okay so rules;

1. It's not really a 4 car garage rather a 2 car garage and 2 driveway spots (so two of the cars have to be something you wouldn't mind leaving outside under a cover. For the sake of this game, lets pretend snow is not a factor and it barely rains...)

2. Maximum per vehicle is $30,000 USD. This could mean you buy the vehicle fully built for $30,000 and then just drive it, or you spend $10,000 on a project and the other $20,000 on upgrades / repairs.

3. Repair costs and cost to maintain are discluded.

4. Lets assume you have a reliable DD which does not have to be included on this list.