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Game on!

A bit ago I read somebody write about an air fryer. I love French fries, but my metabolic rate disagrees with my consumption levels anymore. So, after a bit of research I picked up a starfish Phillips air fryer. I have a few russets to try, first I’ll confirm their moisture level via the method described here:


I’m not completely sure the russets I have are Burbank, so I’ve ordered about thirty pounds from Idaho along with more than a few seed potatoes. Once this is done, it’ll be mandolin for the waffle cut, avocado oil for the fry oil delivered via Evo sprayer bottles. Finally, the fry!

Next I’ll try salmon for fish and chips, oysters for po boys, portobello and avocado fries, and finally Buffalo wings! I’m truly stoked about this as I’ve heard great things from friends whose used the air fryer.

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