Just finished this yesterday. I’ve been a huge fan of Sega’s Yakuza series, and could not wait for the English localisation to come out. So during my Taipei flight transfer I bought the Chinese version. The Japanese title means “Like a Dragon 6,” but the Chinese release is titled 人中之龍 6, or “The Dragon of Men 6.”

For those not familiar, it’s a beat-em-up open world action adventure, sort of like Grand Theft Auto on foot (cars and guns are generally not needed in the super-dense city locales).

As has been through the entire series, the story is crazy and borders on ridiculous. The drama is always endearing and heartfelt. The cultural humour and bro irony are delivered in spades. What would be seen as female marginalisation and borderline misogyny by Western audiences is presented as normal life in Japan, but that is not Sega’s fault. A mouthful of gang names to remember, too, from the overarching criminal organisation down to the regional divisions and family cliques.

Here’s the main character, a legendary Yakuza feared by all, having to do some hilariously un-gangster things to achieve his objectives.



Any others play this series?