Seriously. Watch it. But watch it no earlier than midnight. This is probably the best thing Netflix had released, and the only movie I can remember in recent years that I watched alone at home and had me HOWLING. This is a movie where Marv from home alone gets his dick cut off (you see the dick fall out of his pants and onto the floor). There’s a running gag about Adam being Ders’s salvia dealer. Cameos include Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Mark Cuban, Donald Faison, Fred Armisten, and Joel McHale. Heads get blown up with C4. There’s an ass eating sub plot. Adam plays dead via autoerotic asphyxiation. A bad guy who fell out of a 9th floor window is described as “straight up spaghetti and meat sauce”. There’s a deli slicer kill.

My friend described it as so:

“Yeah, this is low, low, low, low brow in a way that makes most Adam Sandler comedies look like Shakespeare productions on PBS. Think Die Hard for stoners meets Troma.”


I love it.

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