Driving Curve is a new application for iOS, an Android version is coming soon, that gamifies driving with the goal of eliminating inefficient driving habits.

Disclaimer: I used my iPhone 5 to test this app. If use use an iPhone 5S the accelerometer is used to gauge your driving in addition to GPS data. Accordingly, your results may vary. I also apologize for the portrait orientation, Driving Curve does not yet support landscape.

The goal is to earn points through driving smoothly. The more points you earn, the higher your ranking. Your rank can be compared to the entire user pool or you can view your ranking nationally.

So how are you scored? When you start your drive, you have a perfect score of 1000 pts. While you drive you will lose points for any period of abrupt acceleration or deceleration and, as far as I can tell, gain points for maintaining constant speed, which the app calls cruise control. At the end of your drive, your score is totaled and any achievements you have earned are awarded.


Now you can dive into the driving log. On the first screen you can see a graph of your speed during your drive.


As well as some data about your speed.

On the second screen a map of your drive can be seen with two overlay options for data. The first option shows the smoothness of your drive in color. Green segments for smooth driving and red segments for abrupt behavior.


The second option shows your speed. This option seems less useful to me and is difficult to read as your speed is shown in shades of blue with darker colors being slower speeds and lighter colors being faster.


On the home screen you can view metrics about all of your drives and your friends and achievements. I haven't used the friend feature yet so I can't speak to its implementation, but judging by the rest of the app, it should work okay. Overall rankings are slow to load, I suspect due to the server, but you get there in the end. Achievements are about what you would expect. Drive 5 times, idle <10% of a drive, drive without any abrupt braking are a sample of what you will find. As of yet, achievements have no influence over ranking, but that may change in the future.

So that's the app. On the whole, my couple test drives went smoothly and I plan to continue using Driving Curve. Looking over to see the app is a good reminder to take it easy. There are a few, if not problems then, annoyances. First, an overall lack of sensitivity. On my two drives, the highest speed recorded by the app was 60.2 mph while my speedometer showed at least 62 mph on one occasion. Second, it's not really clear whether the GPs track of your drive is stored locally only or stored in the cloud as well. Third, rankings are based on total score only. The average of my two drives was 913 pts. Which, I suspect, is higher than many of the users ranked ahead of me. I would suggest a points scale ending at 10,000 or even 100,000 with drivers being ranked on average score after a minimum sample size is recorded.


In short, cool app that gamifies hyper milling, ranks you globally, gives you metrics about your driving, only on iOS for now

Check out Driving Curve at http://drivingcurve.com