So, who want’s to talk about video games? No one? Ahh ok. I’ll continue then. Something amusing happened and I wanna share it! It’s a long and likely pointless read so consider yourself warned!

So I’m big into this game called Hearthstone. (skip the next paragraph if you know what that is and how it plays) It is a DCC; Digital Collectable Card game. There are nine classes in the game called ‘Heroes’, and one of the is the Hunter. The hunter class is notorious in this game because it is designed to kill the other player as fast as possible. If you are ladder climbing (that is; playing against other people on line for the purpose of improving your rank and hitting legend before the end of the month when the ladder resets), you will inevitable run into tons of hunters using decks designed to kill you as fast as possible. A lot of the time, despite a great strategy, the best draws, and a whole lot of skill on your side, you will lose against them and there won’t be anything you can do to stop it; on the losing side, too many playstyles are too slow to stop the onslaught of the Hunter.

Hunters don’t win significantly more than any of the other classes, but the way they can totally shut down a game if they are winning has left a lot of people bitter about it. People have been calling for Blizzard to do something to stop them, and every expansion to them seems like a chance to try and change the dominant playstyle of the Hunter.

Wow, that was a lot of background info...anyway, Blizzard today just hosted an event in California to announce a new expansion (read; new cards with new effects that will adjust how people play the game). They invited a crowd of people and streamed it live. As they were talking about the game, one of the first cards they wanted to reveal guessed it...for the hunter. “So the first new spell we’re revealing is for the Hunt-” The booing started immediately, and the mood only got worse when the card was finally revealed.


In card games, the ability to get another card can be game-changing, because cards represent options. It’s as true for Poker or Uno as it is for Hearthstone. This card with give you a card every time you play a card, and it will keep doing that so long as the summoned card is a spell and you have the mana to play it. As they demonstrated how the card worked during a game (which featured the player using the card pretty much dominating the board and putting the opponent in a terrible position due to all the new cards he/she got to draw), the crowd reaction was...not positive. LOL. I swear I could hear a few “Oh my god!” and “Are you kidding me!?”’s being thrown around. I’m guessing that giving hunter a new powerful card is Blizzard’s way of saying ‘no deal’ to any possible form of nerfing for the hunter.