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Gamers: Is this a good deal/idea?

Humble Bundle are offering up to 9 PC racing games for $14 USD apparently for a good cause


Games are:

WRC 7, MXGP, MotoGP15, Road Redemption, Project Cars (+limited edition car pack), Dirt 4, Nascar Heat 4, Project Cars 2 (+ Japanese cars pack) and Asetto Corsa (+ dream packs 1-3)


I currently have no racing games (unless you count Mario Kart wii) certainly nothing PC based though I’d really love a racing sim setup and it seems like we’re all going to be grounded for a while.

So questions:

1. Are any of these games any good? I haven’t been into them since the early 2ks, fucked if I know anything about these although I recognize some titles.

2. Could I even run them? I have a very mid spec couple of years old Lenovo laptop/tablet that sure as hell isn’t a gaming rig. That said these all look like old ass games (hence the markdowns) so might be ok.

Regardless, that’s not a lot of money for a bunch of stuff so why the hell not right?

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