You guys want to read this if you are worried about the state of DPs vs LMP2s in the wake of Daytona.…

Choice quotes:

"I think the thought process for the series going forward is that they're looking at the next minute. They are not looking down the road for the product they want at the end of the year. Instead they're forcing things on us that should have happened a year ago without any thought about the costs or resources that are needed to adapt to what they're mandating.

(ESM Director Rob Hill):

Hill has little faith in the TUSC's vision for the future.

"I don't think the series has a longterm plan," he declared. "I can honestly see sometime next year we'll be running some kind of restrictor plate and they're just going to continue messing with the cars trying to equalize everyone. I think that's going to be their MO for trying to bring a fan base to this series.

"A DP is nothing more than a late seventies Trans-Am car with more bodywork. They're an antique, tube-frame car and the mentality of the people we have to deal with is equally antique. They don't want change, they don't want technology. They're not interested in selling technology and I think it's going to kill them in the long run. They're just hurtling toward the cliff and they don't seem to realize it."

I got a bad feeling about this. We may like the fact that sports car racing has remained alive in the US with this merger, but I don't think this bodes well for its future. Especially if the governing body keeps torpedoing the teams on a cost basis.