Gandalf the Wise is back from cyberspace

Hello all! It's been several months and several gawker updates later since I've last actively participated in the comments here on Jalopnik. Where have I been you who remember ask? I've been here all along reading the majority of the articles everyday, but not as a commenter. Now that Summer has slowed things down I'm taking another stab at getting back into the game. I always had fun here on Oppo and in the articles, so its good to be back.

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As my first post should be worthwhile for you, here's my attempt at photographing a good friend of mines 2002 Corvette Z06. It has a fantastic sounding LS6 making 437 horsepower at the wheels.

EDIT: Can you not select how the image displays on the post? The bottom of the image is cut off! ah! Edit 2: DasWauto and Z_Stig saved the day, image fixed.

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