Garage dimensional, uh, dimensions.

Some of you may recall my curiosity with cargo dimensions. Well, now we’ve evolved — or devolved, if you prefer — to general vehicle dimensions. Basically, I’m seeing what would actually fit in my garage.

From the garage door sensor to the back studs, the maximum depth of my garage is about 224". Moreover, if such a vehicle ever 6' tall, it will require I remove the existing upper shelving. Without removing that, max the depth is 210". I believe my garage door header height is about 80". What does this mean for my wish list? Well...

Ack! What a shock.
Oh God, those cargo stats hnnnnng

Apparently, the old Tundra is one loooooooooong sumbitch. It’s 9" longer than it’s predecessor, the T100. 9!!! But the Land Boi length was a pleasant surprise. I’m sure I could make the Tundra work if I really wanted one, though.

If you’re wondering why I bother, the answer is simple: if I’m spending decent coin on any vehicle, it’s living in the garage. That’s what my garage is supposed to be: a car hole.

Other fun facts: I couldn’t find any official numbers online, but my longbed is about 184" long, about 7 of that in the rear bumper alone. The Sportly is about 8" shorter. Them both being narrow vehicles has been a great convenience in the garage.


Well anyway, thanks for donating a few of your remaining brain cells by looking at this post.

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