This is starting to weird me out. Twice, since moving into our new (to us) house, the garage door has opened, and it wasn’t one of us that did it. The first time that it happened, we hadn’t moved anything in yet, and we figured that one of us had hit the door button by accident instead of the light switch (or something to that effect). I wasn’t too worried about it because we literally had nothing in the garage, as we hadn’t moved anything in yet. We kind of brushed it off, as we thought it was one of us.

Fast-forward roughly two months, and it has now happened again. This time, we’ve got a bunch of stuff in the garage, though. I came home from work, pulled into the alley, and hit the garage door opener button from my car. As I pulled up I was surprised to see how much light was coming from the garage - and realized that the door was open, and was now closing. Judging from the amount of snow that had blown in, I’m guessing it had been open for an hour or more.

This makes me want to get rid of the wireless remotes and install a keypad. Having to get in/out of my car is a minor inconvenience compared to having to replace all my tools because someone sees my garage door open and steals them. But it seems like several of the keypads that I’ve seen are also wireless, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting one.

I’m going to see if I can reset the door and openers this morning, but failing that, is it possible to somehow disable the wireless part of the garage door opener and replace it with a fixed keypad that isn’t wireless?