Garage doors update. I’m about out of elbow grease.


Went to home depot and got some of the chemicals suggested. The first couple were taking white paint off too. Well shit. So I looked under the sink and put some 409 cleaner in a spray bottle we have. Meh, so I tried the bleach under there. Worked without removing white paint. I mean, it took some scrubbing, but most of it is off. I’ll be needing to repaint in the spring for sure, at least it’s not AS bad as it was.

I finished that last section of driveway after getting gas and beer. Then power washed doors of what’s left, some of it came off, so what’s left is soaking in the bleach I sprayed on, and we are going to eat lunch then see if the power washer will cut it after soaking in bleach.

Wish me luck. 

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