ome of you may know that I recently expanded the attached garage at my house. It’s essentially done now. I just have some tools and workbench to put in. eventually, I’ll have another pad in the back yard for parking/storage of a vehicle or trailer.

Demolition of the old shed in the back yard

Access to a pickup is great. This one has been serving the family since 1990.

Demolition and excavation of the driveway pad in the back yard

The house had a driveway going into the back yard. There was (and is) a roll-up door on both ends of the garage.

Slab area after excavation


I got a good deal on part of the work at least. I got a company I used to work for do the excavation and drainage work.

New garage area with slab poured and walls framed


It was exciting to get the floor poured after a month of waiting for the weather to cooperate. We seriously spent a month waiting between excavation and the concrete pour, just due to the weather.

Front of house, roof removed, tarps over work area


This setup made me nervous.

Side of house looking up from inside new garage space, before roof trusses


That’s a lot of the house protected by not much more than a plastic sheet.

roof trusses arrived


I was really glad when the new roof trusses came. The supports for the tarps pictured wouldn’t really hold up to much stress.

tarps holding back torrential rain


This is what worried me the most. The house was exposed and the rain came down hard. I was pushing large puddles out of the tarps before this picture was taken. Some of the supports fell down in the night and woke me up, luckily. Otherwise, I would have had serious water damage to the house.

Inside garage after roof sheeted



inside garage after electrical, drywall, and lighting


The drywall was code required for fire. It does help keep everything bright in there though.

Also, notice the sub-panel on the left. If you’re doing a project like this, upgrade the electrical system. I have more outlets and 240V connection in there now.


Finished front of house

I think it looks pretty good now. It’s only slightly different looking from the front. It does no longer send water back toward the side of the house over the garage. DONT SLOPE ROOFS TOWARD YOUR SIDING!


Finished back of house

It’s also good looking from the back. However, that step down from garage floor level to grade has to be dealt with. I just got 5 cu-yd of crushed rock to start that process.


Inside garage

The inside. Here it is. I put a bunch of storage on the sides and overhead. The overhead storage is high enough that anyone under 7 ft tall can walk free and clear under it.


In the end, I paid too much for the contractor’s work, but I like what they did. I don’t know if you can get a reasonable price here. Oh, well. It’s done -ish.