Garage Gutting: Day 2

As I type this, I’m over 17 hours in, as I worked until 8 last night.

The Everett Hazardous Waste dropoff took about 45 cans of lead paint and other flammable content from me — for free. Still have about 38 cans of latex paint that I need to pour cat litter into before disposing.

I will not be deterred!!!

Two dump runs today, totalling 865 pounds. I would normally load the hell out of the pickup, but we had 45 mph wind gusts today and I was like, “Nah.”

Doggo goes nuts sometimes if I leave her in the house while I work. If I keep her near me, she never makes a peep.
There is nothing better than these old factory tie-downs!!!

All the old cabinets must go because 1) they nasty, and 2) they create a safe area for vemin.

First the upper sound board...
Then the lower cabinet... Which he screwed in real good, BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO STOP ME.
“Oh that’s nasty,” dot jay peg
This resembles progress somehow.

In positive developments, the rafters are all clear now. Probably 400 lbs alone up there. In addition, no new dead things today, except for that giant spider I smashed with a hammer when it crawled out one of the drawers I was removing.

Claustrophobia: lessened!

I might get back to it again here soon, but it’s awfully loud work and I don’t like to make a ruckus at dinner time. But meh, it’s before 9pm and I’m quiet as a mouse 350-something days out of the year. There’s something very therapeutic about smashing things with a hammer.

Doggo is good moral support

Still so much left to do...

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