I need your help fellow opponauts. I'm currently working with a home builder designing a house and I need help figuring out the best setup for the attached 3 car garage. It will be 24' deep by 36' wide. I know I will be going with 8' tall doors but should I go with 3 single doors? should they be 9' or 10' wide? or should I go with 1 double door and 1 single? 16' or 18' double & 9' or 10' single.

EDIT: It seems everyone is coming to the same conclusion that double/single is the way to go. now what would be the best combo of door size? 18'double/9' single or 16' double/10' single?

This is the most important part of the house so I cannot fuck this up. Any Ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (pictures are more than welcome)

thanks in advance