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Garage Majal Update

Haven’t posted about the project for a while. A long nasty winter slowed things up, but I seem to be working by the rule of three. Everything I think should take a day takes about three.


IHired out the brick (I know my limitations) I am putting up the tongue in groove siding, alternating 6 and 8 inch pieces to match original, first had to put up a solid straight frame to attach it to.


I did the back first ((2nd pic above) now working on the front, slowed down when I remembered I want to put a vent to match the other side (and also to vent).


ILights and wiring done, had the garage doors covered when they bricked it up. Was supposed to be done last fall. Still need to put in windows and the human door, finish trim, paint, dirt work, new fence, interior drywall between garage and house.

I have tried to stop setting goals, and instead just plug away and be happy progress is being made.

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