Got the back painted after a few trips to the paint store to get a decent match to the old stain on the house.

I am pleased it is starting to look like a finished thing. I trimmed around the garage doors yesterday and did a small bit of concrete work tonight. Front is ready for paint which will get done tomorrow.


This was taken before the windows were in.

The old privacy fence needs to go.

It will be great to have it look like a finished structure, but there is still dirt work (will contract out), fence, relocate and adjust 3-4 ug sprinkler heads, re-do leaky plumbing around the sprinkler anti-siphon valve, 5/8" drywall between interior garage walls and house, replace 50 year old wood paneled walls where garage extension forced removal of a window, I am tired thinking about it, but the end seems reachable.


Most amazing thing is I am significantly under budget, but by no means on time.

I am starting to think about buying those things you put in garages again.