Finally made some good progress on organizing the garage this weekend. Previously (see link) I put in some cabinets I have, and until Friday they just sort of sat there while I was busy elsewhere.

Friday I sanded the face of the cabinets (birch) and put on a coat of Tung oil. It turns out these actually have some decent wood on them!

Two of the cabinets ended up much darker than the other two once oiled. Fortunately, I was able to mix-and-match the drawers.

With that taken care of (finally), the tops arrived via the same truck as the cabinets did so long ago. One is an old counter top we took out when I worked construction in high school, the other is made from wood. They can be seen mocked up below:

Overhang is intentional and allows for some space to clamp stuff when required.


Once secured to the cabinets, the next step is the pegboard and shelf to go behind them. The pegboard is 24" high and leads up to the bottom of the shelf to provide a copious amount of storage space. The shelf is a single miraculously-straight 12' 1x6.

The yet-to-be-purchased huge air compressor will go to the left of the cabinets in the corner.
New outlet and cover mounted on a box extension. Need to replace the other outlets in the garage soon since they’re so loose.


Just a little bit ago I finished putting a coat of tung oil on the wooden part of the bench top to make some attempt at sealing the wood (it’ll be a mess in short order I’m sure). Next will be actually unpacking stuff into the cabinets/drawers (the stack of boxes is currently making the crown vic spend the night outside) and loading up the pegboard and shelf.