As you may or may not know, I (somewhat) recently purchased a house, allowing me new and exciting experiences such as mowing grass without end, paying for things like sewer service, and wondering how long I can put off cleaning out the gutters.

The house also has a garage (because I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise) which has been very nice. That said, I have a lot of garage-stuff and it being stacked in boxes isn’t exactly useful, especially when it takes twice as long to find a tool as to use it.

What a mess! There’s space to work on the cars, but finding stuff can be a challenge. I still have several boxes elsewhere, too.

Fortunately, many years ago when I lived with my parent(s) I had a full workshop in the basement; while most teenagers spent all their money on drugs/clothes/video games, I bought tools and did wood and electronics work. How is this related? Well, when we moved my senior year of high school, I kept the cabinets from that shop and stacked them in the new place’s basement, which had no real space for me to set up shop.

Today, those cabinets arrived via pickup truck to my garage.

The 220gr sandpaper and tung oil visible are destined for the face of the cabinets, which is birch and unfinished.


They’ve been shimmed up (garage floor is quite cracked and uneven - it’s a 70's-thin-slab thing), connected together, and mounted to the wall. I have a counter top for them, but it’s not here yet. Half is formica, the other half (yet to be assembled) is just wood; the finished half is better for messy/oily/whatever stuff, and the wood side is better for heavier/sharper stuff that you would want to ‘bite’ into the bench while working on.

The miraculously-straight 12' 1x6 on the back of the cabinets will be mounted on the wall about 24" above the top of the bench, and the space between the two will be covered by pegboard (currently sitting in my shed) - the shelf and pegboard however are waiting for the bench top to be in place so I can line everything up.


The temporary OSB countertop is destined for some shelving I’ve been putting together in the shed.

Hopefully before long I’ll get the top installed and finish the pegboard/shelf. I’ll then actually be able to put stuff inside and figure out where everything goes. Between tools, parts, and supplies/consumables I’ll have no trouble filling this up.


The gap on the far side of the cabinets is space for a vertical-tank air compressor, and there’s space on the near side between the cabinets and a door for a medium-size roller tool box. Both of these things are yet to be acquired.

How was your weekend, Oppo?