The overnight low was 19 degrees (nonsensical units) in Southern New Mexico last night, which was by far the coldest temperature we’ve seen since buying the house in March. This is also unseasonably cold for this time of year here, which means people are walking around wearing fur in the desert this morning. The garage was a reasonable 52 degrees when I left for work. This is about five degrees colder than the garage at the old house would’ve been in the same temperatures, but this garage has three exterior walls instead of two and an uninsulated door. Overall, better than I was expecting, and I won’t need to bother putting any antifreeze in the racecar’s cooling system next winter.

Fun fact: the thermometer on the wall was an Amazon screwup. A few years ago I had ordered two gallons of BMW smurf blood blue coolant for the E39 for the thermostat replacement job and they sent me a box of two indoor/outdoor thermometers instead. In the end Amazon next day aired me the BMW coolant and said not to bother sending the thermometers back