In 3 weeks I got a lot done with the garage.

All the walls are up, garage door openers are in place, lights, moved in some of my tools, put a couple of shelves and got some peg board and peg accessories. One of my hooks already broke! Typical Harbor Freight crap :D


I had to have diamond plate wall plates!

Found a ventilation fan that actually would fit. Works great on pulling out that southern humidity and exhaust fumes.

My old blue toy shelf when I was a kid has grown up into a storage shelf :)

Chevy only parking sign :D


I dreaded putting the garage door openers up, but the perforated angles made it super easy.


Random squirrel!


Made a rock cave for my fish pond that has yet to have fish. Looks better in person... or maybe not lol. Used a bag of river rocks, 4 inch PVC water pipe connector, great stuff made for ponds, and type 1 silicone that is aquarium safe.

It’s rock solid

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