Building / designing a new house from scratch. And so far I managed to increase size of the three car garage from 32 x 21 to 36 x 24.

the first 2 bays will be 20' wide with 4 ‘ space / storage on one side, but the third bay will be 12' wide and 24 long (some 4' storage at the deep end..)


So planning on putting a 4 post lift.

- I already raised the ceiling of the third bay to 15'.

- Would like the capability to park Full size SUV below it (Navigator / G class)

- Looking for 4 post only.

- Not for maintenance work.

- Only storage of a 4000-5000 lb sedan (but would like the rating upwards of 8000 lbs.

- Budget upto $10,000 installed for industrial grade

So far I have only see bendpak lifts.

Any other suggestion?

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