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Garage sale results

Revenue: $153.06

Spending: $62.00

Net: $91.06

But that’s before you account for the burgers, hot dogs, buns, salad, drinks, and so forth as a resulting of hosting.


Actual “profit:” $24.67

Although the point wasn’t to make money — as I knew my inventory was weak. It was about faaaaaamily or whatever. 

I sold all my big ticket items except for a gaudy lamp. I was told my $3 growlers were overpriced and they could get a better deal somewhere else. I encouraged them to do so. This lady haggled FIFTY cents with me, and then left the item in the street. So I sold it to someone else for a buck. A man with a cat stomped on two of my plants from chasing his off-leash cat around that he let loose in our yard. Yes, I said CAT. He also tried to steal two Rainier beers. He did not seem right.

Okay, two highlights: we sold our Singer sewing machine (we all the original bits and paperwork with it). A lady in her 50s said, “Oh I think this is it — Mom, come look at this!” A woman in her late 70s came over and stating looking through it. You could see her childhood flash before her eyes, and she was on the verge of tears. It was outside for about 30 seconds before she walked by. “It was meant to be!” she exhaled. We chatted for a while and loaded her up.


But enough about other people, look at this rusty box I got for twooooooo DOLLAH


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