Finally had some time to work on my new homes garage with my dad. Adding walls for shelving, huge table to rebuild stuff, tools, equipment, etc :D

Have 4x LED shop lights I want to put up, and will add garage door openers.

Gots me a new tool box! 52 inch Craftsman. Drawers are strong enough for what I need and they self close, no need to slam the drawers shut.

I will keep the tool box under the desk unless I need to roll it out for more room or work on a vehicle across the garage.


The work bench is a little over 16 feet long! I found it simpler to just make it big, the back few feet I will make some shelving or cabinets, also a shelf or two on top the work bench.

Just added the plywood top and screwed it down. I love my Milwaukee hammer drill. It put all the screws for the plywood, drilling, and making the table with only 1 and a half batterys!


Looks great with two garage doors ( I need to install the trim that goes around the door.

When the weather gets cooler, I want to paint the garage a hunter green with white trim.


Added some style / night security :)

Not sure about the metal roof sealant I put around the light. There isn’t much options on metal building light mounting stuff.


Before I done anything:


Previous owners were going to add walls, but only got as far as the 2x4s