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The guy who owns the garage I rent in the city to work on my car has thrown a wrench in my project car timeline. He has been doing some work to the building including building it out to make an apartment space on the 2nd floor. All of this work has been shoddy as can be and when I got there Tuesday night, there was a giant orange stop work order plastered across the door. Apparently, he doesn’t have his permits straight with the city and neighbors have been complaining about the state of the place. Also, all power has been cut to the building.

It should be noted, that nobody will ever live in this apartment, because I question my sanity for even stepping foot in this building. Creep factor is very high. There is no insulation and many boards missing from the walls. It was literally the only place I could find.


The building itself isn’t too bad, but he’s completely torn up the yard installing plumbing and electric. He just called me today and told me that I can’t go over to work on my car until he gets his permits straight, because someone will think I’m working on the garage itself and call the cops.

It sucks because this was the only place I could find that would let me keep the car there for the express purpose of working on it. There have been complaints about grinding and hammering noises (which I am guilty of). He’s offering to freeze my rent until he can get his permits straight with the city, but who knows how long that will be.


Its impossible to find a place to work on your car without being hassled. I thought that being in a garage, people would leave me alone, but here we are. The car is completely unmovable in its current state, and I have a lot of rust repair work still to go. I’m just hoping the city doesn’t make me remove my car or worse, tow it away. I’m definately in the 7th circle of project car hell, but was just starting to turn a corner in terms of work to be done.

Oh well, I guess this gives the cuts on my knuckles time to heal.

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