Garagelopnik (Update - bonus pic & info)

I think I need to clean up a bit.


Heres from the door facing the house. You can kind of see the sub-panel behind the shelf thingy. The main motivation to clean is to get an inspector in here to look at that and the other wiring. Currently the garage has 1 outlet, for the whole thing. Once approved I will have 100 amps of power, enough for multiple circuits, 6x 4' LED lamps, a stereo, a 240V circuit to run my 80 gal compressor, 2 garage door openers (currently only have 1, it takes up half my 1 usable outlet), a beer fridge, and anything else I want. Once thats all done and its clean, Mrs Snuze gets the right half to park the Terrain, I get the left half for projects!

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