Garagelopnik - Heat Edition

It’s August, which means I need to remember my commitment from 8 months ago to not freeze my ass off in the garage any more.

Pictured: Nothing like my garage, other than being square and ostensibly cold in the winter.

Unfortunately, tying the garage into the house’s HVAC isn’t feasible, since the basement/garage vertical offset would require ductwork to pass through the kitchen or basement stairway (or be very very long and skinny and sneak through the outer band).


As a result, I’m thinking about going with an overheard gas forced-air unit. The gas lines in the basement are pretty close to the garage, and I almost ran one out there last year out of desperation - nothing like laying on 20 degree concrete using 15 degree tools on a 10 degree car.

Anyways, the garage is 24x24 with 10' ceilings. I’ll be insulating the garage doors (and putting up weatherstrip on them). The ceiling isn’t insulated, but that’s a pretty easy fix. No idea about the walls, but I’ll be finding out soon when I runs some new outlets. The goal would be keep the garage ~50 degrees so it’s cool but workable. I’m sure it’d get cranked up on weekends and late nights.

What does Oppo think of this / suggest / etc. ? I’ll be hiring someone to do it, since I can’t really get a furnace up to the ceiling myself and I’m too stubborn/crotchety to get permits to run a gas line anyway.

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