Garagelopnik - Help me pick out a compressor

For quite a while I’ve wanted a nice upright compressor to put in the corner of the garage and run hard line to the other three corners for maximum air-tooling. I’m hoping to do this at some point this winter.

Here’s the one I had been looking at for some time, but now they’re saying they won’t deliver, which is a problem for a 450lb compressor.


I figure there are enough garage-smart (it’s like street-smart but garagey) Oppos that someone can help me pick one out, or get me close. Here are some things to look for:

  • The bigger the tank (and the more CFM) the better, a full spectrum of air tools (including painting) is to be used.
  • Needs to be upright (for space), oiled pump, etc. This compressor, maintained, should probably outlive me. Big bonus points if it’s quiet enough to not scare the crap out of me every time it turns on.
  • 230v single phase, let’s keep it under 30A because I can’t afford to run a bunch of 8-3 to it because...
  • The compressor budget is a grand. Price is Right rules - I don’t want to go over but I’m cool with $999.99
  • Needs to be sold through someone that will deposit it in my driveway, I have no means to get it home otherwise.

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