Despite the walls being insulated, the attic of the garage had none. With the addition of a furnace last fall, this proved to be a problem. While nice for all the wiring I’ve done, the electrical work is complete so I addressed the lack of insulation today.

After putting in the appropriate baffles and some foam to keep insulation from spilling down into the soffits, it was time for the insulation.


There is now between 5 and 8 inches of insulation over the entire ceiling of the garage, which is good. Process is simple but messy, feed bales into machine, machine shoots it out of hose into attic. The rest of the house already had 8-10 inches blown in the attic, added a little more on top for good measure since we had more than we needed for the garage.

This will be very nice as it gets colder. Last year I used as much gas keeping the garage between 50 and 55 as I did keeping the whole house at 65. This year it should be much less (hoping to do the doors soon, too).

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