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Garagelopnik - Sunday Shelfday

I’m in the process of tidying up the garage some (I vacuumed yesterday, that was fun) and otherwise improving the organization, partly because it needs done, and partly in anticipation of a major arrival late this week or early next.

30 boxes of hardwood flooring yields a lot of good cardboard for laying on

I decided that I wanted some shelves in this spot to hold things which are currently not on shelves (isn’t that how it always works?). The shelves in the above picture came with the house, but are maddeningly sized so things like washer fluid, antifreeze, and gear oil bottles are ever-so-slightly too tall. I made sure not to have that issue with the new shelves by measuring the aforementioned containers to determine spacing.

The free-standing shelf is deeper (1x12), but pointlessly so - nowhere am I using the full depth of it, so I did these a little shallower (1x10) to save working space

Nothing crazy here, just three 3-foot pieces of 1x10 on shelf brackets (which I’ve recently discovered to be WAY sturdier than I expected for a $1.60 stamped piece of tin). Once in place, I gave them a quick rub down with 220 grit and rubbed in some tung oil to seal the wood up at least a little bit.

It doesn’t look like it in the picture, but these actually do juuuust fit between the breaker panel and the other shelf, so once I re-route that asinine piece of flexible conduit (thanks, guys who installed the garage furnace) into the wall, I’ll be able to add a couple more shelves above this.

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