Garagelopnik - Tool Cart vs Tool Chest etc.

Settled into a new space where I have a sizable two-car garage that is deep enough for a work bench and more storage. Looking to acquire a tool chest or cart (used/new) for $400 or less. This will be used to store wrenches, sockets, drills, etc. like a glorified cabinet on wheels. I also have a small plastic “rugged” tool box for carting tools to friends/track/etc.

What should I look at? have been hearing a lot about Harbor Frieght US General vs. Craftsman. I am a weekend mechanic and DIYer at best, does not need to be contractor grade.

I found some really strong deals on craftsman through Sears/Lowes for their tool chest or tool carts.


I could also scale up to a beefy heavy duty HF option with a nice 20% off coupon they regularly provide.

The question is, tool cart or a narrower tool chest with a portable top chest? Single cell or double cell? What brand? Keeping within budget is important, would rather spend money on tools than storage.


Garage in question for you time...

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