As spring rolls in, it brings with it allergies, fast-growing grass, and car washing. I have well water, and it’s very hard. The house is tended to by a softener (which works too well), but the spigot in the garage is tied in before it, which makes sense for 90% of garage-spigot uses.

For me though, this will not do. The straight-from-the-hole-out-back water leaves incredible water spots anywhere it dries, and as we know you can’t always towel dry everything before any water decides to evaporate.

Enter the “I’m going to have to explain this to every single person who ever walks into my garage” contraption, seen below. The lower part has been in place for a while now, since the spigot is in the back of the garage, and running a hose the whole way across the garage every time you need to use it gets old.

Not my handprint. I should probably paint over that.

The upper part is what’s new. In the left (upstream) canister resides a 5 micron filter, intended to be used to purify water for a whole house. In the right (downstream) canister resides a resin cartridge, which is basically a mini water softener that you have to manually regenerate by soaking it in brine every now and then.


The valves are set up to allow the use of straight-from-the-ground water (which isolates the filters) or direct the water through the filtration setup, so I’m not senselessly clogging up the filter and depleting the softener for tasks like a pre-rinse on a car, or pressure washing the driveway. A hose reel will mount on the wall to the right, which puts it right inside the door - much more convenient than the current setup, where it’s coiled up and hanging on a hook on the wall.

I just finished putting together the top (useful) section this evening, tomorrow I’ll flush it out and make sure all is well, and maybe even wash a car to test it out.