I am like most of you Oppos (I assume) and when a peruse houses for sale, I sort by having a garage. I know I can’t afford a house on the terrible income I have and probably won’t , unfortunately, for quite a while. But I like to look and see how prices are and what’s going on around me. So I found a lovely home in Los Osos. That is still in SLO county, close to work, and probably my favorite place in the county to want to live. Its also between work and my guy friend. Anyhow 2 car garage, 2500 sq ft, huge drive way, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, and a very open design with a great kitchen. But it is listed at $699,777. Which isn’t too bad for where in California I am, but it is a lot of money. We are talking 2 Ferrari F12s for that money.

But then I thought about how I have friends that just moved to Sioux Falls,SD and keep trying to get me to move in with them. I haven’t 100% made up my mind yet. But I figured I would see how much a comparative house would be. So try this on for size; 2+1 garage, 3 bed. 2.5 bath, 1632 sq ft, beautiful, good kitchen, and it is on a lake with its own dock. How much? $379000... FREAKING HALF and its on a lake. To get that here double the price of the other house and add some more.


Plus they get seasons there... Hmmm, if I had the credit or capitol to buy a house, I would buy that one in SD and rent it to my friends and visit a lot. Also I could register my cars there and have no emissions or inspections. Stupid California.

*UPDATE* Technically in Iowa... Stupid CL, but still.