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So the Previous Owner of my Miata installed this Kenwood DDX271 head unit in the car. While it actually looks decent and the touch screen interface is pretty good, I quite hate everything about how this thing works. First of all, it has no bluetooth. Considering it is from 2014, this is not that surprising. Second, the newest Iphone supported is the Iphone 6 so my girlfriend’s Iphone X will not work when plugged in via USB. Third, the only way to add AUX in requires buying a proprietary Kenwood cable (found it on Amazon for about $25). And fourth, the only viable input that I can use without buying stuff is USB drive but it only supports MP3/AAC/WAV/WMA. The majority of my music is in FLAC or OGG format. I have made due by converting some stuff and using my limited mp3 collection. I had assumed I could simply aux in from the back and add BT that way but the proprietary cable has squashed that idea. 

While this is certainly fixable by just replacing the thing, it just upsets me that this thing exists and that someone would spend money on it. I would rather just have the stock unit at that point since at least the clock is easy to see. Most of the faults were fine until I came across the proprietary cable bullshit. That is what set me into BURN THIS THING WITH FIRE mode and I will be promptly removing it. Since I am happy with the simple single din Alpine unit in the Subaru, I will likely just buy another one and install it here. Plus, it will surely equal some weight savings skipping the big touch screen thing!

Illustration for article titled Garbage Radio in the Miata is Garbage

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