Got problems. A leak developed yesterday. Definitely coolant, but it turns out it may be a compound issue. LOTS of oil around the timing cover, and coolant seeping out of the nearly new radiator seem to indicate something else is going on. The timing cover should have been resealed and re-gasketed when the head was done as you have to do the head to get to it. It may not have been based on the number of repair jobs from this former shop I’ve had to redo. The worry is that the seal is bad behind the gasket and the coolant lines behind the seals have clogged causing a pressure spike that hurt the cooling system.

Not sure what to do here. Getting at the problem is another head job, which I don’t want to do an a 300,000 mile truck that also needs new seats and a small list of other items including a vibration I can’t diagnose.

On the other hand there is a lot of good still on this truck and I just bought new tires.

I told myself I would keep to to 300,000 but it may be time to move on.


I don’t want to sell it and I REALLY don’t want to car shop right now. I hate stuff.


They are putting dye in the oil and cleaning it up to see how bad it all is, then I can keep driving it for a while and find out how bad it is.

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