So I'm watching them work on that 67 GT350. I wonder if they realize that if they stop cutting corners and bitching about break in oil costing so much and cutting corners with cheap O'Reily's oil and a "what you call zinc" additive, they might actually save some money. It kind of upsets me that Aaron claims to be a "master mechanic" yet he allows these mistakes to happen. I would be embarrassed that this is shown to the world. Yes mistakes happen but usually it is with inexperienced builders or people who don't know better, like the kid who set his V8 Miata on fire while trying to start it up while it was hanging from a cherry picker. I guess I'm a weirdo, but I wouldn't buy a car that they have touched. The Gas Monkey name isn't worth much to me, I don't know but tearing apart a car completely and cheaping out on crap oil and then not replacing a wiring harness that has been hacked apart. It is just silly.

What say you Oppo, am I wrong in thinking this?