Gas prices spiked up in the last day or two here. It was ~$1.20/L ($3.60 USD per gallon?), but some places have jumped up to $1.27/L ($3.81 USD/gallon?). They are saying prices are going to go up even more over the summer for “reasons”.

We’ve been thinking about getting a vehicle with 3 rows of seats, as we are wanting to expand the family by one more. I don’t look forward to the higher gas prices or usage. It seems like most minivans are around the 20 MPG mark. My wife’s current vehicle (a Pontiac Vibe) has been averaging 32 MPG or so.

Our options, including trading the Vibe for a minivan include:
1) Keep my current car (probably what I’ll end up doing)
2) I get something more fuel efficient (I’ve been keeping my eyes on used Chevy Volt prices - they are getting down there...)
3) Try to carpool more often with a co-worker who lives a block away. This would mean leaving the house earlier, and would likely mean I don’t get to see the kids in the morning before I have to go to work.
4) Try biking to work more often. Unfortunately I’m not in very good shape, and it’d take even more of my day - likely an hour each way. The plus side of this is I would get in much better shape, although I may also destroy what’s left of my knees. They already sound like a bowl of rice crispies when walking up stairs. (They say that cycling is low impact, but I’m pretty sure that’s how I destroyed my knees in the first place - biking as fast as possible in heavy traffic in downtown Calgary - to the tune of 2,700 km one summer).

Anyone know a way for me to make an extra $80k USD this year so I can by my wife a Model X, preferably without having to sell one or both of my kidneys?