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Gas Station Cons

What’s up with them this month? I usually get one or two a year, but so far I’m at 4 since 1NOV.

The perps:

1) My husband is in the army and I need gas/money so I can get to the hospital where he’s having emergency surgery, my daughter is in the car and is scared we’re not going to make it (40ish year old deshelved white lady in a banged up Mazda MPV)


2) My family made a trip from New Orleans to Baltimore for work but when we got there the job wasn’t there. We’re just trying to get back home and my daughter and husband are sick (Low 30s Hispanic lady who was super tiny in a Cevy conversion van...husband walked to the car with two Fiji waters and a bunch of red bulls while I was still gassing up)

3) EXACT same story as #1...seriously (twig of a girl...looked to be 18 at best, driving a newish Cruze)


4) I have to get my daughter to her grandparents so I can visit my sister who has end stage cancer and I have no gas or food...we haven’t eaten in a while (35ish Indian lady...was holding her 8ish year old daughter’s car at the pumps)

Have y’all seen an uptick in this or am I just a panhandler magnet this month?

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