Gas Stations: Show me Your Best

Rules: You have to have been there! Show me the most interesting/nicest gas stations you’ve been to. I want to hear why they are so cool, whether it be design, features, service or otherwise.

Green Lake Station, Whistler, BC

A stop on the recent PNW Spring Oppo Drive in BC where Wrong Wheel Drive got some great looking food.


Total custom wood build in one of the prettiest and wealthiest cities in the world and a full service cafe and barista. Features an outdoor patio with a view of the mountains


Bullman’s Garage, Surrey, BC

The site of a ruined garage/gas station was purchased by Petro-Canada a few years ago.


Instead of demolishing the existing building and building a generic gas station, Petro Canada chose to bring the building back to how it looked in the 40's and 50's. Very cool of them and really contributed to the heritage of the neighborhood. Sadly, burned to the ground in a fatal fire, but is being rebuilt.


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