Hello Oppo how are you doing on this fine day I have started an app idea that I believe will be very beneficial to the members of this community, please head over to my kickstarter to learn more and ask me any questions you would like!

Heres a quick run down from my Kickstarter:

GasMap: the app of the future for those of us with cars! GasMap is an app that will tell you exactly how much gas you will have left after a drive. Lets say your gas gauge shows you have 1/2 a tank of gas left and you want to drive 40 miles, GasMap will be able to tell you exactly how much gas will be left after that drive. Lets also assume your trip is beyond your max range left on your current tank, GasMap will give you a gas station along your route with options for it to find a station with the cheapest price. Since navigation apps currently are unable to tell you have much gas will be left after a trip, or how much gas traffic/elevation changes will take up GasMap will be the perfect app for anyone who drives. Upon first use you will open the app, and pick your car or cars, then GasMap will remember them forever. We will have favorite cars that are defaulted to if a user has multiple cars for quick use. All we ask of the user to report where there gas gauge is, or for cars with electronic gauges what number is shown and then where you’d like to go then GasMap takes care of the rest. GasMap knows what MPG your car should be getting, and if it sees that you are getting significantly less than advertised GasMap will notify you that you may have a issue with your vehicle like low tire pressure, and things of that nature. Some may not know but electronic gas gauges do not account traffic or elevation changes in there measurement which makes them wildly inaccurate up to nearly 10% off and for those who need detailed reports of there true distance GasMap will be there for you. If theres any questions please feel free to contact me at GasMapDev@gmail.com