Gateway Drugs and Knee Injuries

TL:DR I bought this last night on the way home from the E.R. and I’m probably going to go all Mighty Car Mods and get a bunch more Ryobi ONE+ tools.

So why did I buy this, and why was I at the ER? Well, I decided since its mosquito season here due to all the rains that flooded my basement a couple weeks ago that I was going to work INSIDE instead of OUT, mostly on removing some warped wood paneling that’s in our previously less-than-an-inch flooded basement.


Once I pulled back the paneling though, I found mold. LOTS of mold. On the backs of the wood panels and on the drywall.

After removing ALL the paneling on the lower half of the rec room and exposing the moldy drywall, I started scoring the drywall and removing the offending chunks for disposal.


Then my box cutter slipped.

And went into my knee.

Knowing where it was and how deep it was (damn near got the whole blade in it) I knew it was going to need stitches. And at 3pm on a Sunday there aren’t any walk-in clinics open, so straight to the ER I went.


Afraid I had punctured the void behind the kneecap, the doc injected some blue something or other into the OTHER side of my knee with what looked like a foot long needle, and if any came out the cut then they knew I had punctured it, requiring surgery.

I did not. Nothing came out. Except pain.

So 3 stitches later, I got to go home.


But since the hospital is a block away from Home Depot, might as well get better tools for removal! I was looking at just getting a hand saw for cutting into the drywall above the water/mold line (thanks for wicking water that was BARELY on top of the carpet to a FOOT UP THE WALLS) but as we’re walking through the power tool section (whoa, a cordless caulking gun! Could have used that Saturday when I was up on the roof re-sealing our skylights!!) I noticed the reciprocating saws.

“That would work nice” I said to my wife/Uber driver (she had been driving me around all weekend in the Durango, and my 13yo likes to call shotgun now, so I sit in the back)


“Then get it” she says

“But it’s $60 for the saw, $60 for the battery and charger... and you know this is a gateway drug. Once I buy one Ryobi tool, I’m gonna want ALL THE RYOBI TOOLS”.


Needless to say she still let me buy it.

Made short work of the rest of the walls, too.


The pile in the middle is all dry paneling, and I have 8 lawn bags full of wet moldy panels and drywall in my truck I need to drop off at the dump on my way home.


HOPEFULLY this is the last major step in demo-ing the basement due to the flood, and we can start replacing walls and flooring soon.

But in the meantime I’m going to start shopping for more Ryobi ONE+ tools...

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