I had a long day, up early for a family function then I had to drive 150 miles north to close up shop for the winter at a summer place and bring home the little boat so it don’t freeze to death. Good timing too because it was snowing good when I left. Not to mention the place was not, as I had been assured, winterized properly. You don’t know pain until you have to come to a property and notice the walls are caked with thick ice...on the insides (yeah lets only so that once). Two and a half hours up 3 hours of work, then 3 hours of driving back in the rain/snow mix at night with, as it turns out, no trailer lights on the tiny boat (you could still see my lights easily). I was ready to take it easy for the night. I had just dropped off the boat and was headed home. I turn onto a main road and settle in.

After a mile or so in the right lane, no one behind me for a while then I suddenly realize there are round Jeep lights right on top of me. Like Full rear window full of JK light. Not sure where he came from because I’ve just been cruising in the same lane for about a mile. I look down and I’m doing an indicated 45 which means something like 42-43 in my car which should be fine for a 40 mph road. First reaction is to do nothing, but he keeps riding my butt getting closer. so I give him a little brake tap, just the lights basically, to let him know.

Still nothing, its now I realize there is at least a quarter mile to the intersection and no one in the left lane. Why is he riding me?

So I left off the gas and slow down to about 37, maybe he’ll just realize he can pass me and be done with it?


Okay, whatever, this guy just goina be this guy. Get near the intersection and he rips around me to the right to turn right and as expected he’s yelling at me, what I don’t know cause I got me windows up just doing.


Then because he’s busy yelling at me...

Right into the back of a new impala waiting to turn right.


We just had to sit there at the light for another 30 seconds with each other.

I was pretty happy until I realized a poor impala and its likely elderly occupants are going to have to deal with a very upset Jeep bro....


I did not envy them. I probably should have stayed but honestly I knew I didn’t want to be around this guy.

So there you go.