A few days a customer came in with an early 2000's Ford F250. I inspected it and found one catalytic converter was wrong, and according to the State’s data and the repair manual, it was supposed to have a third catalytic converter. So I failed it. And now the customer wants me to refund them their money. HA.

I told the customer to take to a BAR Referee for an inspection to confirm whether I was right or not. I told him if I was wrong I would give him a refund. Well, a day or two later I get a call from a local muffler shop and he said the information he found says it doesn’t need a third catalytic converter. BUT, he said the right side catalytic converter was wrong, so, I was actually right.

But the guy took it to some other smog shop and they passed it anyways, and he came in a few minutes ago demanding I refund. I told him no, I won’t be doing that as a BAR Referee didn’t test it. Then he left with this gem:

“Then we’ll go about this the long way. I’ll just call the BAR.”

OKAY DUDE! I was right, he was wrong, I’m not giving you your money back!

But, I know IF the guy does actually call the BAR they will come tell me to refund him his money and I will tell them to fuck off. If I didn’t do anything wrong WHY SHOULD I? According to that bullshit logic I should not be charging anyone I fail, and you can’t run a damn business that way.

We’ll see what happens. But I have all my shit together, so I’m not worried.

Edit: Even if I knew the truck didn’t need three catalytic converters, it would still have failed for having one incorrect catalytic converter. So even if I was wrong, I was right.