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NM real estate: 7,783sq/ft of dated, gaudy liquor empire for $1.15 million



For those of you familiar with the insanity of the Pacific NW market, here’s what around a million would get in Albuquerque. This house represents one of the last connections of the Maloof family to NM. Those in Vegas may know the name, and sports fans in Northern CA likely know them. The family came from New Mexico, and built their fortune initially as the biggest alcohol distributor in Northern NM. They became politically and economically important in about 1980-2000 NM.

This is the house of Mom and Dad (died young in 1980), and it looks about what you might expect from an old lady who came into a lot of money. In a local market where $250k would buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood, I can’t imagine listing this house with an avocado green kitchen straight from the 70's, but I’d probably guess getting top dollar for Mom’s old house in city and state they long ago moved on from is not really a concern for this billionaire family.

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