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I am in the process of laying out the new gauge cluster for the El Camino and I’m trying to determine which gauge should share the high profile spot between the tach and speedometer? I thought I could fit two small gauges in the center, but it turns out there isn’t enough room. So, my options for the middle spot are water temp, oil pressure, or fuel level. I will be removing the radio and installing a delete panel in its place. In that panel I can mount the gauges that don’t make it to the cluster plus the controls for the hidden Bluetooth amplifier. I will also be mounting the Holley Sniper display someplace within eyesight and it will should AFR, rpm, coolant temp and some other info. Any suggestions on gauge placement?

Illustration for article titled Gauge Cluster Layout?

I could also do the layout above, but the gauges in the lower spots will be difficult to see. 

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